10 Mistakes You’re Making When Recruiting Volunteers

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  1. Julia Farrow says:

    For the first time, our church used a “Say Yes!” wall in our lobby. The wall is covered with postcards, color coded by serving area, with very specific information on them (when, how often, role, position description), yet not too much information. The results have been truly amazing! I actually have gotten so many Guest Services cards where people have said YES! to serving, that I’m trying to catch up with all of them. This is a system we will use for a total of 4 weeks and then see where we go from here. We also do not use the word “need”.

    • Danny says:

      Julia, this is great! Would you be willing for me to feature this idea in an upcoming blog post? If you have a photo / photos or any more details, I’d love to see those via email.

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