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Announcing 2017 Weekenders

There is power in observation.

If you’re a part of this blog community, chances are good that you appreciate the benefits of reading. On this site, you’ll read about guest services, read about processes, read about how to move people from connected to committed.

And reading is a good thing. You can process your thoughts while reading, take notes – written or mental – while reading, and chart a forward course while reading.

But there is huge power in observing. Whereas reading introduces you to principles, observing gives you a front row seat to reality. When I observe a process, I have roughly 405% more “aha” moments that when I simply read about a process.

That’s why we love offering a regular series of events called Weekenders. At the Summit, part of our vision is to equip churches as those churches equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We want to give you tools you can use to get moving. If nothing else, we want to help you avoid some of the roadblocks we’ve encountered along the way.

Weekenders give you the opportunity to sit in on a Connections Ministry event and then debrief that event in real-time. You’ll get to see how we train volunteers for our First Impressions teams, how those teams welcome our brand new guests and long time members, and how all of those pieces of the puzzle fit together.

The best part about Weekenders is that they’re absolutely free. You take care of travel, food, and lodging, but we’ll roll out the red carpet for you while you’re on site. The only catch? Weekenders only happen a few times per year, and space is crazy limited. We only have room for 6-7 people per event.

Our next round of Weekenders starts next month: the First Impressions Weekender happens on February 25. It’s a Saturday afternoon engagement with an optional Sunday morning stay over.

Get more information on Weekenders, or RSVP today!

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