Top Ten Quotes: Creativity, Inc.

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  1. Chuck Land says:

    Hey Danny,

    What parts of the book did y’all read for staff meeting?I love this book and got a lot out of it.

    • Danny says:

      Ha…you’re gonna love this. 3-5, 74-75, 85-95, 102-105, 124-127, 170-173, 194-203, and 315-319. Our main focus was the chapter on Honesty and Candor.

      Those of us who had read the entire thing before wanted to read much more, and those who were reading for the first time agreed. I think a lot of teams have gone back and started filling in the gaps.

      • Chuck Land says:

        Thanks! Have you guys read Chasing Magic? What is the format by which you guys discuss books as a team?

        • Danny says:

          I haven’t! Do you mind sending me a link? Nothing I’m finding on Amazon looks like what you’re talking about. 🙂

          We go through books in wildly different ways. Sometimes we read them and they’re a launch pad to another conversation. Sometimes we’ll have a list of prepped questions to go through. And in cases like Creativity Inc, we discussed it as an entire staff and then some of our individual teams have kept the convo going.

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