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Flashback Friday: 25 Questions for Mary

Every Friday I dig into the archives and dust off an old post. If you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!


Last week I took some time to get re-acquainted with an old favorite. Max Lucado’s God Came Near is – in my opinion – the best of his many writings. It’s also a stellar book to read to take time to really soak in the incarnation. This selection is from chapter six:


Twenty-Five Questions for Mary

  1. What was it like watching him pray?
  2. How did he respond when he saw other kids giggling during the service at the synagogue?
  3. When he saw a rainbow, did he ever mention a flood?
  4. Did you ever feel awkward teaching him how he created the world?
  5. When he saw a lamb being led to slaughter, did he act differently?


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