Q&A: How Do You Stagger Vols Across Multiple Services?

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  1. Tanys Mosher says:

    Hey Danny thanks for the layout – how would you handle more than 2 services?

    • Danny says:

      Tanys, great question! When we were doing three services at some of our campuses, we just cut and pasted the second service onto the third. Some vols might occasionally serve two services, but for the most part they’d choose one to serve and one to attend.

  2. Warren Wilson says:

    If it helps, here is another option…

    Rather than transitioning teams between services (we used to do that), we moved to a system of one team for both services. Here’s what that looks like in our context…

    –Volunteers arrive 1 hour prior to the first service for VIP time (Vision, Information, Prayer)
    –Volunteers in place 30 minutes prior to start
    –Still have an option of hearing the message during one of the services while the skeleton crew covers

    With this system, we found the following benefits…

    –We offer a 6-week rotation…a volunteer serves one Saturday or one Sunday, once every 6 weeks (easy ask at 7-8 times per year)
    –The chances/frequency of your team hitting a holiday or holiday weekend is minimized and it is spread across all teams
    –One VIP time each day which minimizes the transitional stress that can occur between services


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