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Danny Recommends: Podcasts (part three)

Every so often we dip our toes into a series called Danny Recommends:, posts that tip you off to the stuff that I…you know. The recommendations might be products for use in your ministry, resources that will help you develop leaders around you, or just fun stuff that you need. Want. Whatever. I have a full list of recommended books and such over at the Reading List, but these posts will go into further detail. For other posts in the series, check out the link at the bottom.

If you’re keeping score at home, this is the third Danny Recommends: post I’ve written on podcasts, and podcasts were the topic that kicked off this series many moons ago. (Check out part one and part two.)

My podcast obsession continues (though I would argue I could quit anytime I want). Here are ten of my new faves:

Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin. Godin has long been one of my favorite writers, and now he’s broken into the world of podcasts. Consider this the kinda-sorta long form version of his daily blog posts.

Ask Me Anything with J.D. Greear. Ten minute episodes. Sometimes controversial topics. The indefatigable Todd Unzicker as co-host…how can this possibly be a loss?

Away MessageThis is a little more niche for my North Carolina friends, but the incredible Our State magazine takes a peek into little-known places from the mountains to the coast.

Business WarsEach mini-series is a set of 4-6 episodes that focus on some of the great capitalist clashes in modern history: Coke vs. Pepsi, Southwest vs. American, Marvel vs. DC, etc.

Everything is AliveWhen I first heard the concept of this podcast, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever: take inanimate objects (bar of soap, subway seat, stuffed alligator) and interview them. Then I actually listened to an episode, and I’ve never been happier to be so, so wrong. The show is simply genius and host Ian Chillag is phenomenal. If you need proof, start with episode 2, “Maeve, Lamppost,” played by the delightful Irish comic Maeve Higgins. Thank me later.

Home Row. It’s a podcast by writers, for writers. Host Jeff Medders interviews heavyweights like Jen Wilkin, Nancy Guthrie, and Jared Wilson on their personal writing habits. If you write or aspire to write, this one is a must-listen.

Morning and Evening with Charles Spurgeon. My friend Todd Adkins wasn’t busy enough, so he decided to crank out two-a-days in 2019. These three minute episodes are lifted straight from the pages of the classic devotional and are a great addition to your day.

My Ministry Breakthrough. The premise is simple: one host. One guest. One deep dive into the moment where the light bulb clicked and dots started connecting. Bryan Rose has a gift for making it sound like you’re eavesdropping on two people having lunch. (Full disclosure, I was a guest on episode 12.)

Up First. News junkies, unite! NPR takes three stories each weekday and breaks them down into bite-size chunks. Each episode is 10-12 minutes long and drops at 6 am Eastern time, so it’s a great way to get informed on the way to the office.

The West Wing Weekly. If you don’t agree that The West Wing was one of the best shows ever to grace the television set, I’m not sure we can live on the same globe. I’ve listened to not one, but two West Wing podcasts. This one is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina, who played Will Bailey on the show. They take one episode per…uh…episode, and break it down quite nicely.

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Disclaimer: FTC watchdogs will probably want to know that the podcasters listed / linked above did not ask for this endorsement, nor did they provide me with free swag in order to do so. I’m just a really satisfied fan who wants to let you know where you can hear some great information and entertainment. I only promote items that have benefitted me and that I believe will benefit you. So there.

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