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Gabriella Makes Nordstrom Great

Guest Blogger Week rolls on with Jason Young. Jason is the Director of Guest Services for North Point Ministries. He has worked as a consultant for Ford,, LifeWay, Chick-fil-A, Catalyst, among many others. He and his family live in Atlanta. He blogs at


Once again, I was reminded why Nordstrom is used in the same sentence when talking about brands that deliver remarkable care for their customers.

I recently purchased these pajamas (aka sleepwear) on sale at my local Nordstrom. Fast forward ten days when I was on their website and noticed the clearance page had the exact pajamas for around $10 less. offers a live chat option (btw, I love) which I chose and connected with Gabriella. I told her about the price difference. She instantly said we would be glad to provide you a refund for the difference. I was thankful. Wait, there is more.

Go into the store with your receipt for the refund, right? Nope. She said let me call the store for you right now. She then said we just refunded you the money and you will receive an email confirmation shortly. Done.

Wow! I told her that she is why I love Nordstrom.

“A can-do attitude, a positive personality, and a strong work ethic are still the primary ingredients for success at Nordstrom.” — Robert Spector

After this experience, I asked myself four questions related to the work I do:

  1. Does our church culture provide freedom for team members to make quick decisions that create a better experience for the guest?
  2. Do we empathetically prioritize the guest enough to go the second and third mile?
  3. Do we make decisions because they are easy for us or because it would make the experience remarkable for the guest?
  4. Do I lead in such a way that our team members feel empowered to show care in ways that the guest has a story to tell later?


This post originally appeared on Jason’s blog.

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