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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Easter

It’s here again.

Easter happens this Sunday, and maybe – just maybe – you let it sneak up on you. Whatever the reason – March Madness, early spring break, Downton withdrawals – you are simply not ready for it.

But I have your back. Here are ten easyish ways to be ready for the weekend, and you can do any one of ’em in less time than it takes to unwrap one of those infernal Cadbury Eggs (seriously, how do you get into those things?).

1. Pray. It’s never too late to start. Pray for yourself. Pray for your team. Pray for the people that will be coming to your church. Pray that the horror of the cross and the beauty of the tomb will become real to all.

2. Check your website. Are your service times accurate? Is your street address clearly listed? If you enter it into GPS or Google Maps, does it actually take people to your building? Will first timers know how to navigate?

3. Walk your facility. Pick up the trash. Clean the smudges off the window. Take down the Fall Retreat poster. Make the place look like you are expecting company.

4. Make people move. Send an email to all of your regulars. Ask them to park farther away, to scoot front and center, to choose another service. Leave the best of everything for your guests.

5. Review the service. Are songs and the sermon appropriate and engaging? Are you planning to talk to your guests? Are you banning EOAS (Easter-Only Attendee Shaming)?

6. Schedule a next step. What happens after a first timer shows up? Do you have a newcomers event ready to go? If not, put one on the calendar for three weeks from now. (You can work out the details next week.)

7. Get people outside. Review your volunteer lists. Make sure you’re thinking outside in. Get volunteers out in the parking lot and outside of the door.

8. Schedule some phone calls. The Monday after is brutal, there’s no doubt about that. But carve out time now to make some phone calls to your first timers, just to thank them for showing up. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

9. Take your own Sabbath. Don’t let Good Friday or the Saturday before go by without unplugging and decompressing. Spend time in the gospels, soaking up what Christ’s sacrifice means for you.

10. Get your game face on. Sunday morning will be here before you know it. I’d encourage you to wake up extra early, spend some time in prayer, and get in there. Encourage volunteers, engage first timers, and exude the kindness of the gospel.

Happy Easter, friends.


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