Published: 4 years ago

Thursday Three For All: April Fools Edition

We’re one day removed from one of my favorite days of the year. (Our Fundamentalist-in-Residence program is off to a great start, thanks for asking.) Here are three more of my favorite pranks from around the interwebs:   Google Introduces Smartbox by Inbox. (via @Google) You’ve likely …

Published: 5 years ago

Thursday Three For All

Raleigh Boy Scout battling cancer receives high honor (via @WRAL) If you’re not a part of the Summit, you may not have had the opportunity to get to know the incredible Noah Spivey. Noah’s fierce faith in Jesus has been inspiring all of us from …

Published: 6 years ago

Christmas at DPAC

Day one is done. Last night we saw well over 4,000 people brave the December downpours and fight downtown traffic in order to experience the first two of five Christmas Eve services at the Durham Performing Arts Center. Missed it? Live local? There are …

Published: 6 years ago

DPAC: Serve’s Up

DPAC is back. Last year’s services at the Durham Performing Arts Center were a high-water mark for our church. We swung the doors wide open to our community, inviting them in for two days as we celebrated the sights, sounds, and story of the …

Published: 6 years ago

Flashback Friday: Embracing Awkwardness

We’ve been trying to meet as many neighbors as possible, a difficult feat when the average temperature this summer was Surface Of The Sun. But one neighbor I met fairly early on was a delightful lady in her 70′s whom I’ll call Louanne, because …

Published: 6 years ago

Church At The Ballpark Highlight Reel

In case you missed the service this weekend, here’s the 2:38 recap of one of the most fun weekends we’ve experienced in a while.  

Published: 6 years ago

Speechless. Again.

I recognized that moment immediately yesterday. It was the same moment I’d experienced two years prior. It was the experience of seeing hundreds of people leave their seats, walk the concourse, take the steps, head to a tent, and move from death to life in a …

Published: 6 years ago

Flashback Friday: Speechless

The excitement is at a fever pitch around the our office and throughout our church family. Church at the Ballpark ’13 is coming this Saturday. I thought it would be entirely appropriate to go back into the archives today and show you some pictures …

Published: 6 years ago

Church at the Ballpark: The Insider’s Guide

Five days. FIVE DAYS, people. Five days is what’s on the old countdown clock as we prepare for Church at the Ballpark ’13, arguably the largest worship event in the Summit’s history. And with large events usually comes large confusion. Unless you landed here. …

Published: 6 years ago

Church at the Ballpark: Why You Should Invite

As I type, we are eleven days, one hour, and twenty minutes from the moment where the gates swing open and Church at the Ballpark ’13 goes into full gear. So today’s question: Who are you bringing with you? Events like Church at the Ballpark …

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